I drank lemon infused water, and my results were incredible!

Hello everyone!

I hope your day is going well. Sorry I haven’t been posting so much lately but I’ve been CRAMMED with homework! Anyway, this post is about how I drank lemon water and my results were so extremely good, I swear by this technique.

I have always been someone who produces a lot of sweat, which I got very self-conscious about this year. I could never go out without a sweater without sweating through it. I also struggle with anxiety which is also a contributing factor.

I had started researching things that can help with my extreme sweat problem. I came across a website that said if I tried a lemon infused water detox, it would help. So I got my mom to get lemons, limes, and mint. I hated it. I stayed on that for 1 day when I decided I couldn’t take the taste anymore. So I went back to just slicing a lemon and putting it in my water. Here’s what happened:

  1. The first few days I was pooping a lot, I was wondering why this is and then I remembered that the website said this would happen. This is because lemon is cleaning out all your insides and flushing out the toxins.
  2. Then I noticed that I was losing weight more easily. I have a thyroid problem too (hereditary) and I think this helped it. Lemon is a metabolism booster and I feel that’s why it helped so much. Also, I wasn’t even exercising that week at all, as I had an injury.
  3. After that, I noticed that my sweating became less and less to the point where I wouldn’t have a sweat mark on my t-shirt after school. So I started wearing long sleeves more.
  4. Finally, I hadn’t noticed it at the time but later I realised that my anxiety has become immensely better.


All of this happened within a week of constantly drinking this. Just take a minute and process this.


I didn’t know that all of this would happen but I was completely surprised and happy. I’m not saying that this is the answer to everyone’s problems but I’m telling you, this is really worth a try. I recommend you try this anyway, even if you don’t have any of the problems that I did but because it’s genuinely healthy for you 🙂

Girl on the blog, logging off xx


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