Update on Friends


I hope your day is well. So if you saw my last few posts, I spoke about my toxic friends, Lucille and Nicki. Things have gotten… better… in a way. Lucille has started speaking to me more, almost opening up, because I spoke to her first and now she feels that she can talk to me again. Nicki and I are distant but still close, in a sense. We don’t talk about the things we used to, however. She recently told me a quick scary story while she was waiting for her class. I never really talk to Nicki too much about my inner thoughts and feelings. Our relationship is more jokey. We talk about our common interests and funny videos we found on the internet. Nicki rarely opens up about her feelings though, not even to Lucille (or so I think…?). The only time I’ve heard her say something that she was feeling was that she really liked this guy… but that is a WHOLE other story (I’ll post about it soon ;)). Anyway, things are okay with Nicki.

Now, Lucille. As you guys know I only *technically* see her for one period a day, but that’s enough to make me tired of seeing her for the rest of the week. I am still very upset and hurt about what happened between us. Starting in the middle of last week, or sometime around there, I said hello as I walked into class. Lucille and I had been very distant during that time. So, she obviously said hi back because like, that would just be rude lol.

She started talking about an addition that happened to her family recently. I replied back excited for her. Ever since then, we have been speaking but not about why or what happened. Today she made a “joke”. By “joke” I mean that she made a comment towards me that was sarcastic but showed that she was actually jealous of me. She said “Oh, aren’t you just an over achiever.” I did some extra work and she must have been jealous because I got an advance mark. For those of you who don’t know what an advance mark is, it is basically the same as a bonus mark.

Today, I came home very upset about what happened. Not about the joke, but about how she can decide which days she wants to be my friend and other days she doesn’t. It’s like she’s controlling my emotions. She’s toxic, and toxic people know how to get to you like that.

I’m still skeptical if there is an underlying reason.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Girl on the blog, logging off xx





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