My After School Routine!


I hope you guys are having an awesome day! Today, I decided to post my after school routine. I find myself doing the same things over and over again at the end of the school day (haha, it sounds kind of sad but swear it isn’t!).

Okay so the first thing I do when I get home is I kick off my shoes and drop my bag.

Next, I let my dogs out to use the washroom while I go up to my room and put on some more comfortable clothing. My after school attire consists of a large oversized sweater with black harem pants and a ponytail.

Then, I make my bed so then it’s comfortable for me to lay down on later.

After that, I use the washroom. Pretty self explanatory.

Then, I go to prepare a snack and a drink and then let my dogs back in.

After that I usually chill, probably watching a show until 4:30, after that I start my homework.

That’s my full after school routine!!!

Thanks for reading! (if anyone has been reading…)

Girl on the blog, logging off xx


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