How to Deal with a Heavy Workload!

Hello everybody!

So recently I have fallen behind in my math class, which if you know anything about high school, it’s that you can fall behind extremely easy and extremely quick! I was really confused about the work I had been given for homework and didn’t do it for the rest of the unit. I had become so far behind and the unit was finishing and I didn’t know how to do the first thing! My test was on Friday and I was PANICKING! We had a quiz, which I failed, and my teacher ended up emailing my mom, asking if I was doing my homework. She replied yes, of course I was doing my homework (because I hadn’t told her about my issue). She confronted me when we were watching the television and asked. I had to be honest, I told her no and why. She re-emailed my teacher again and told her what I had said (in a more toned-down way, she didn’t want to get me in trouble!) My teacher responded and said I can come to her math clinics at lunch time.

I went, nervous what she would say, but it turned out really good! She helped me catch up and even postponed the test until Monday!

Now, everyday I have been doing my homework and going to the math clinic. I feel so much better than I had. I felt so dumb, and alone but now I’m feeling confident and happy.

If you haven’t read any of this post, please take away this one thing: everyone falls behind at some point. It’s the way that you get up that will make you succeed. If you’re falling behind, I URGE you to get help, and you will feel SO much better.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope it helped!

Girl on the blog, going off xx


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