Friend Troubles

Hello everyone!

So if you saw my post yesterday, you’ll have seen that I am having some troubles with friends. I want you guys to know that I won’t be using real names, or else they may find it and then this blog wouldn’t be anonymous anymore! Nicki and Lucille. It was always them, the pair. I knew walking into grade 9, since it was only going to be Nicki, Lucille and I, that I was going to be somewhat of a third wheel but I would have to get past that and try to include myself more often.

So recently, things have gotten worse. This term, I have only two classes with Lucille and none with Nicki. On the first day of second semester, I sat beside Lucille in the two classes I have with her, but I ended up moving in one of those classes, so we don’t talk at all in that class. The next class, I’m still sitting beside her but I’ve tried to not talk to her as much as I used to, and I have zero classes with Nicki but I still see her sometimes.

What I’m trying to do, is to put some distance between me and my friends. I come home everyday quite angry and upset with all that I have put up with. Between getting left out, made fun of and being used, I just don’t know how to confront the problem without coming off mean. I want to leave the situation on good terms.

What do you guys think? Do you guys have anything similar that’s happening? Let me know in the comment!

Girl on the blog, logging off xx



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